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gateway central project small ho scale model railroad layouts with track plans and train show appearances gateway to model railroading fun          home > project railroads  gateway central project model railroads successful train show small model railroad layouts for public display for over a decade, the gateway division has constructed small model train layouts for display and demonstrations at local train shows.  one of our recent and exciting projects was the construction of a custom 4'x8' model railroad for the missouri history museum. this layout was displayed in their exhibit, "our world in miniature" during the winter of 2003.  you can click this photo to go to the start of the over 100 photos of this layout, and each of its structures. a number of the buildings have articles or tips on how to assemble that specific model kit. the current project railroad was displayed at a number of st. louis area train shows during 2005 and will be raffled off at our annual fall meet and train show in november. about our project model railroad layouts one of our favorite project railroads was the gateway central vi layout. it was designed around two logging industry scenes (one on each side of the layout). this side shows the paper and kraft mills with a wood chip unloading area. as with the rest of our website, click on any photo to view a larger, high-resolution version. the overhead view shows the track plan for gc vi. the paper mill has been removed to show the track which ran inside the mill building (so paper could be protected from the weather when loaded in boxcars). the "white line" down the middle of the overhead view is the position of the removable scenic divider/background. life-like power-loc nickel-silver track was used for this specific layout. our project railroads have used a variety of different materials and techniques. different past layouts have used atlas code 100 and code 83, peco, micro engineering, life-like power loc and bachman track and turnouts. we use an assortment of structures from a variety of manufacturers on each layout. most of our project railroads have been designed to be transported in normal-size mini-vans and suvs. some of the layouts divided into two or three sections, some designed to stack one on top of the other. however, the easiest project railroads to transport are single units 4 feet by 5 feet 10 inches. this is the largest size that fits flat in standard mini-vans and suvs. the gateway central viii (2001), ix (2002) and x (2003)  layouts were designed this size, and had all structures permanently epoxyed to the layout (making the layout quicker to move, and with less damage to the structures). photos of the gateway central x 4'x6' train layout. photos of the gateway central ix 4'x6' train layout. photos of the gateway central xii 4'x7' train layout. photos of the history museum layout. photos of the structures on the history museum layout. click a photo below to see the enlarged, more detailed photo or more information on previous gateway division project layouts. chairmen for each project layout are listed. photos by richard schumacher. our latest project railroad is under construction and running, click for an enlarged view. gateway central xiii 2006construction chairmen: bob boedges & mike satke riverport switching and continuous run in only 4'x7' gateway central xii 2005construction chairmen: bob boedges & mike satke display chairman: brian post photo of layout under construction at the november 2003 fall meet gateway central xi 2004 n scale, built on a door! brad joseph continuous run and switching operations in only 4'x6' gateway central x 2003 layout design by richard schumacher display chairman: bob amsler construction chairman: richard schumacher track plan overhead view of the museum model train layout missouri history museum model railroad layout "st. louis central" 2002 layout design by richard schumacher dave bartz rich laux venita lake richard schumacher continuous run and switching operations in only 4'x6' gateway central ix 2002 layout design by richard schumacher display chairman: mike thomas construction chairman: richard schumacher constructed during the 2001 national train show (july 13-15) click for layout construction photos st. louis central 2001 2001 national train show layout design by richard schumacher sponsored by model railroader magazine venita lake richard schumacher rick lake layout plan artwork by model railroader magazine. used with permission. gateway central viii 2001 layout design by richard schumacher display chairman: paul metzler construction chairman: richard schumacher photo soon! gateway central vii 2000 on30 narrow gauge randy meyer read great article on this layout! gateway central vi 1999 layout design by richard schumacher richard lake richard schumacher randy meyer photo soon! gateway central v 1998 john winter john schindler read article on this layout! gateway central iv 1997 "ozark river valley" richard schumacher richard lake randy meyer gateway central iii 1996 based on "berkshire division" dan osborn gateway central ii 1995 based on "red wing" brad joseph gateway central i 1994 based on "alkali central" plans available in the december 1995 model railroader magazine john winter the details click above for more details and information on selected gateway central project railroads.   model railroader layout gateway division members built the model railroader magazine saint louis central 2001 project model railroad live during the saint louis 2001 national train show. check out the train layout construction photos!   send email to webmaster@gatewaynmra.org with questions or comments about this web site copyright © 2008 gateway division nmra, privacy policy, legal notice, search, visitors this page last updated june 02, 2007  
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