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// for netscape 4+ and ie 4+ river kwai trip choose your destination! home page - who made hasekamp net? #################### thailand menu - beginners to thailand - language tips for thailand - thailand faq - some do's and dont's for thailand - thailand experiences - thailand links - books about thailand - map and landmarks of bangkok - thai handicraft - public transport in thailand - temples in bangkok - eating out in thailand - the chao phraya river - bangkok markets - - floating market - shopping (centers) in thailand - hidden attractions of bangkok - river kwai trip - chiang mai - - doi suthep temple - - doi inthanon national park - khorat (nakhon rachasima) - prasat hin phimai - phuket - - the vegetarian festival in phuket town - - gibbon rehabilitation project - - james bond island - lopburi and king narai - sukhothai - hua hin - picture of the month - thailand news - interactive thailand pages - music by hm king bhumibol adulyadej - more about hm king bhumibol adulyadej - the real anna leonowens - send a thailand postcard from this site #################### genealogy menu #################### general links - search this site - internet portal - message board - guestbook copyright notice privacy statement     your browser does not support javascript at this moment. if you want to be able to click on pictures and enlarge them, your browser should be javascript enabled! thailand click to see the thai proverb of the day! the state railway trip to the river kwai this page tries to give you an impression of the state railway trip to the river kwai. this trip can be highly recommended, because it is the best way to visit the river kwai railway, constructed by prisoners of war in world war 2 and made world famous through the film "bridge on the river kwai". but be aware: you did not see "the real thing" in that film! it was shot in sri lanka. so you really have to make this trip to see the "real thing". for current trips, organized by the state railway of thailand, see the overview on the website of the state railway of thailand. *** your trip starts at hua lampong railway station in bangkok, very early in the morning (around 6 a.m.). i advise you to buy your tickets in advance, because the trip is very popular, not only with tourists, but also with thai people. and when i went, this trip could only be made on saturday, so please check things out! when i made this trip the fee was around 200 baht. and what do you get for this money? the trip, including drinks on board in a real 3rd class railway carriage (wooden seats). furthermore you get explanations by a (only thai speaking) guide, a good thai lunch near the end of the trip and lots of thai smiles. the first stop is in nakon pathom. you will get enough time to walk to the chedi and pay respect to the large buddha image there. when you arrive there it will probably be 8 am, so please stand still for a few moments when the national anthem is being played through the loudspeakers in order to show your respect to the king. your second stop will be the war cemetery in kanchanaburi, where you will also get ample time to look around and pay your respect to all the people who died during the building of this railway. here, to give you an impression, is a picture of the outside of your train. be reminded again that you will travel on wooden seats, third class, but the lack of comfort is worth the experience to have a day out with thai people! the next stop is near the famous bridge. this is the original bridge over the river kwai. however, you should be aware of the fact that two bridges have been built in world war 2. one -the wooden one- was bombed by the allied forces in the second world war, as we have all seen in the movie. this is the second one, several miles from the first one, not made of wood, but of iron. this one also was bombed, but the outer parts (with the round bows) are original. this fact recently was once more confirmed in a letter to the bangkok post in november 1998 by somebody who had been involved with the building of this bridge and who pointed out that there are photographs that clearly show what parts are original. the train gives you ample time to look around, walk over the bridge, buy your souvenirs and take all the pictures you want. when you are called on board again, the train passes the bridge, and now the most interesting part of your trip comes: now you pass the original railway track made by the prisoners of war (also called the "death railway"). please pay attention to the part near the middle of the above picture. that is the original railway. and now that you are looking at the picture anyway, also take a look at the left side of the picture, where you can see some of the several "floating hotels" in this area. and please look around before you travel on, to see this historic point from the other side too. however, you will take the same way back, so there is a second chance to see it, on your way back. the train will stop near the end of this part of the railway. it goes a bit further, where it can turn around, and will pick you up later. you will get out and will have your lunch (included in your ticket) and then walk to this waterfall ("nam tok") to relax for one or two hours. (sorry for the bad picture quality, but i thought i could not leave this one out). then you will be collected by your guide and you will walk back to the railway and wait for the train to pick you up for your trip back to bangkok. you will arrive there between 7 and 8 p.m. but you will stop once more at a small station where several sellers (who know that this train passes, of course) will sell you a light dinner. buy it, it is good. *** any remarks about this page? email me at the address below. (to prevent spamming please type the address yourself):or use my feedback options. do you like this site? recommend it! you will be redirected, but you will remain on this site! privacy statement for this site did you sign our guestbook? did you visit our message board? this page was last uploaded:june 20, 2007 at 14:58 var site="sm2hasekamp2"
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