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shinkansen (japanese bullet train) if (top.frames.length!=0) top.location=self.document.location; travel living japan a-z forum shopping essentials - sightseeing guide - hotels - transportation - money - questions sign in for a personalized experience. don't have an account yet? sign up now.   search this site hotel reservations tokyo beppu fukuoka hakodate hakone hiroshima hokkaido izu peninsula kanazawa kansai airport kobe kochi kurashiki kyoto mount fuji nagano nagasaki nagoya nara narita airport nikko okinawa osaka sapporo shima peninsula takayama tokyo yokohama 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec 2008 2009 (check-in) asiarooms.com hostel world online hostel bookings hostels and inexpensive ryokan from $10 per night! car rentals compact cars from around 4,000 yen/day! experience japan tours the charm of wind chimes related pages travel transportation railways taking the train guide to train tickets japan rail pass train timetables luggage japan sightseeing guide hokkaido sapporo otaru hakodate furano abashiri noboribetsu niseko lake toya daisetsuzan shiretoko rishiri rebun akan tohoku matsushima hiraizumi kakunodate hirosaki oirase kanto tokyo yokohama kamakura nikko hakone kawagoe kusatsu narita chubu nagoya izu peninsula kanazawa nagano matsumoto kamikochi kiso valley hakuba yudanaka takayama shirakawa-go gero onsen inuyama fujigoko mt.fuji kansai kyoto osaka nara kobe himeji kinosaki mount koya yoshino amanohashidate hikone iga ueno ise shima chugoku hiroshima miyajima okayama kurashiki matsue iwami ginzan yamaguchi hagi shikoku takamatsu kotohira matsuyama kochi kyushu fukuoka dazaifu nagasaki kumamoto mount aso minamata kagoshima beppu okinawa honto yaeyama survey if you could visit only one region on your first trip to japan, which would it be? hokkaido tohoku kanto (tokyo) chubu kansai (kyoto, osaka) chugoku (hiroshima) shikoku kyushu okinawa see results other surveys: have you recently entered japan? japan-guide.com newsletter keeping you up to date on japan travel and living related issues and site updates. click here to subscribe! japan-guide.com forum ? any questions? ask them on the question forum! sponsored listings tour packages guided and individual tour plans. car rental the cheapest rates in japan! japan - order free brochure! about vacation plans and specialty travel.   home - travel - transportation - railways shinkansen   basic information network of shinkansen lines japan's main island honshu is covered by a network of high speed train lines that connect tokyo with most of the island's major cities and fukuoka on the island of kyushu. japan's high speed trains (bullet trains) are called shinkansen and are operated by the jr (japan railways). read more on how to ride the shinkansen. tokaido/sanyo shinkansen the tokaido shinkansen, connecting tokyo, nagoya, kyoto and osaka, was inaugurated in the year 1964 as the first shinkansen line and the world's first high speed train. in 1964 the trains already run with speeds of about 200 km/h. nowadays they reach speeds of over 300 km/h. the extension of the tokaido shinkansen, the sanyo shinkansen to hakata station in fukuoka was completed by 1975. the trains operating on the tokaido/sanyo shinkansen are of the following three categories: nozomi: nozomi trains stop only at the most important stations, and reach osaka from tokyo in about two and a half hours. the nozomi is one of the very few trains on the jr network that cannot be used with the japan rail pass. hikari: hikari trains stop a little bit more frequently than nozomi trains, and need roughly three hours to reach osaka from tokyo. on the sanyo shinkansen, the hikari trains are known as "hikari railstar". kodama: the slowest category. kodama trains stop at all stations. kyushu shinkansen the southern half of the kyushu shinkansen, connecting yatsushiro with kagoshima, was inaugurated in march 2004. the northern half from yatsushiro to hakata is scheduled to be completed by 2010. the trains operating on the kyushu shinkansen are called tsubame. northern shinkansen in 1982, the first north bound lines, the tohoku shinkansen from tokyo to morioka and the joetsu shinkansen to niigata, were completed. since then, the following further lines have been taken into service: the yamagata shinkansen from fukushima to shinjo, the akita shinkansen from morioka to akita, the nagano shinkansen from takasaki to nagano and the extension of the tohoku shinkansen from morioka to hachinohe. currently under construction are the further extension of the tohoku shinkansen to aomori and the extension of the nagano shinkansen to kanazawa. the trains operating on the north bound lines are of the following categories: hayate (tohoku shinkansen): the fastest train category on the tohoku shinkansen. hayate run all the way from tokyo to hachinohe and stop only at major stations. all seats are reserved. between tokyo and morioka, hayate trains are coupled with a komachi train. yamabiko (tohoku shinkansen): the second fastest train category on the tohoku shinkansen, running as far as morioka. yamabiko trains stop more frequently than hayate trains. nasuno (tohoku shinkansen): the slowest train category on the tohoku shinkansen. nasuno trains run only as far as koriyama (one stop before fukushima) and stop at all stations. komachi (akita shinkansen): this is the only train category on the akita shinkansen. komachi run between tokyo and akita. all seats are reserved. between tokyo and morioka, komachi trains are coupled with a hayate train. tsubasa (yamagata shinkansen): this is the only train category on the yamagata shinkansen. tsubasa run between tokyo, yamagata and shinjo. between tokyo and fukushima, some tsubasa trains are coupled with a yamabiko train. toki (joetsu shinkansen): this is the faster of two categories on the joetsu shinkansen, running all the way from tokyo to niigata. tanigawa (joetsu shinkansen): this is the slower of two categories on the joetsu shinkansen. tanigawa run only as far as echigo-yuzawa and stop more frequently than the toki trains. asama (nagano shinkansen): this is the only train category on the nagano shinkansen. asama run between tokyo and nagano. any advice or question? voice them in the forum! english links byun byun shinkansen (dave's rail pages) everything about the shinkansen. japan railways official web site with time schedules, fares, etc. linear chuo shinkansen (aichi prefecture) about the linear chuo shinkansen project (maglev). maglev systems development (rtri home page) information about the maglev. click here for links to timetable websites japanese links linear chuo shinkansen about the linear chuo shinkansen project (maglev).     may 7, 2006   copyright © 1996-2008 japan-guide.com all rights reserved home - site map - privacy policy - terms of use - contact - l‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä - advertising asian-inspired plasma tv stands
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