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massgis - trains datalayer description the official website of the office of geographic and environmental information (massgis) massgis home mass.gov home state agencies state online services     datalayers/gis database   trains - april 2004 download this layer: arcinfo export file (.e00) | esri shapefile [as self-extracting executables, with arcview legend files (.avl) and arcmap layer file (.lyr)] overview the central transportation planning staff updated and enhanced railroad linework distributed by the united states geological survey (usgs) as 1:100,000 digital line graphs (dlgs). the original 1:100,000 dlg data were conflated to the orthophoto-derived 1:5,000 centerline linework. this data layer is much more detailed than pre-april 2004 trains data and has many more abandoned rail lines. in many instances there is more than one track per rail line, and rail yards and spurs are included. ctps added several attributes pertaining to type of service, mbta commuter rail status and stations (current and proposed, including the greenbush line), rail line ownership, and freight and passenger operation. stored in arcsde and distributed as shapefiles, the statewide layers include arcs (trains_arc), nodes (station locations, trains_node) and routes (trains_rte_train). massgis also makes available an arcinfo coverage version named trains. other tranportation linework that appears on the usgs 1:100,000-scale maps, such as pipelines and transmission lines, are included in the trnslns layer. the mbta subway lines are included in the mbta layer. production ctps transferred the attributes from the old trains data layer and has added many more. ctps used track charts, railroad timetables, old maps, university of new hampshire website, railroad websites, books, rail experts and field work for sources of information. the lines and branches in the arc layer represent the most current name for the rail line while the route feature class has more names for same line. one line may be named differently and have different beginning and ending points because of historic changes or because of passenger operations and freight operations on the line. the route system contains routes based on several sources. the route source item identifies its source. the karr_rt is the numbering system depicted in the rail line of southern new england by ronald karr. the 188 routes include the amtrak downeaster, amtrak northeast corridor, the mbta commuter rail lines, and others. segments of rail trails that are in the railroad right-of-way have been added. track numbers were coded where track charts were available to delineate them. the node layer contains station names and links to the federal railroad administration's crossing database (crossing), the national bridge inventory (bin, alt-bin) and masshighway road inventory data layer (csn). massgis received an arcinfo coverage from ctps and converted the route and node layers directly to arcsde format. the arc feature class was dissolved on #all in arcinfo to remove pseudo-nodes before being imported to sde. using the arcplot commands annocoverage and nodetext, massgis created three subclasses of annotation from the station item in the node attribute table: anno.comm for large scale maps, and anno.large and anno.large2 for regional scale maps. in each subclass, level 1 is for active stations, level 2 for proposed stations. the annotation subclasses are contained in the coverage version of the layer. attributes the trains_arc attribute table (.aat in the coverage) includes the following items: item name   width/type   description conf_id 1 / c id from old train coverage type 2 / i see table 1 below source 5 / c see table 2 below commrail 1 / c see table 3 below ownership 10 / c see table 4 below freight_op 10 / c see table 5 below pass_op 11 / c see table 6 below comm_line 40 / c see table 7 below line_branch 20 / c line branch valplannum 6 / c rr line no. & map no. ref. valplanown 10 / c see table 8 below track 5 / i track no. in track chart karr_rt 6 / c rr rt. in karrs book yard 30 / c rail yard freight_ml 1 / c b&m’s freight mainline state 2 / c state line_code 5 / i trk no. in “takings” doc rail_trl 25 / c rail trail-(rr row prt only) spur 25 / c short side track connecting to main line the trains_node attribute table (.nat in the coverage) includes the following items: item name  width/type  description station 25 / c station name c_railstat 1 / c mbta commuter rail station status (see table 3 below) amtrak 1 / c amtrak station ("y") junction 40 / c the intersection of two of more railroads or the location of control switches csn 8 / c link to masshighway road inv. rds. bin 3 / c link to national bridge inventory crossing 7 / c link to fra crossings database bdept 6 / c link to masshighway bridge database track 5 / i track number from track chart map_sta 1 / c singles out one station point ("y") for display purposes alt_bin 24 / c another bridge or span the trains_rte_train route class attribute table (.rattrain in the coverage) includes the following items: item name   width/type   description train-id 4/5/b line_brnch 50 / c line or branch rt_source 50 / c comm_line 25 / c mbta commuter line karr_rt 6 / c rr rt in karr’s book arc_mi 4/12/f/3 arc length in miles arclength 4/12/f/3 measurelen 4/12/f/3 lowmeasure 4/12/f/3 highmeasure 4/12/f/3 the trains.sectrain section table (coverage version only) includes the following items: item name   width/type   description routelink# 4/5/b arclink# 4/5/b f-meas 4/12/f/3 t-meas 4/12/f/3 f-pos 4/12/f/3 t-pos 4/12/f/3 train# 4/5/b train-id 4/5/b line_brnch 50 / c line_brnch from route layer the following tables detail code descriptions (for trains_arc unless otherwise specified): table 1 - type 1  active rail service 2 multiple use i.e. active and recreation 3 abandoned rail service 4 abandoned rail service row in public ownership 5 unknown status 6 out of service 7 row used for hiking and biking 9 surface mbta rapid transit table 2 - source visible indicates new 1:5000 scale line work received from massgis. these codes refer to the source of the attribute information. in addition to the coded sources, ctps relied heavily on the university new hampshire's website of scanned maps and the personal resources and expertise of ctps staff person tom humphrey. ctps  ctps staff vpmap valuation section maps of 1917 of ny, nh, &h and central ne lines and 1970's boston & main valuation section map. 1890 1890 topographical maps of massachusetts (ma publisher). 1938 1938 general highway maps (ma dpw publisher). table 3 - commrail (arcs) and c_railstat (nodes) y  active mbta commuter rail line or station s special commuter rail service to gillette stadium (in foxborough) p proposed commuter rail line or station table 4 - ownership amtrak  amtrak b&m boston & maine csx csx transportation ct out of state-connecticut ct state f connecticut dem ma department of environmental management eotc executive office of transportation & construction federal united states departments--dod and parks g&u grafton & upton housatonic houstonic railroad local city or town massport massachusetts port authority mbta massachusetts bay transportation authority mdc metropolitan district commission mta massachusetts turnpike authority mwra massachusetts water resources authority necr new england central railroad p&w providence and worcester railroad pi private industry private private owner pv pioneer valley railroad ri out of state-rhode island utility utility table 5 - freight_op (freight operation) bc  bay colony railroad corportation csx csx transportation g&u grafton & upton railroad guilford guilford rail system housatonic housatonic railroad mcr massachusetts central railroad necr new england central railroad p&w providence & worcester railroad pv pioneer valley railroad qb quincy bay terminal company table 6 - pass_op (passenger operation) amtrak  amtrak amtrak/mbta amtrak and mbta operate on the line berk scenic recreational "dinner ride" in berkshires cape cod dn recreational "dinner ride" to cape cod mbta massachusett bay transportation authority table 7 - comm_line (mbta commuter rail lines) att-sto  attleborough/stoughton line fair fairmount line fitch fitchburg/south acton line fram-wor framingham/worcester line frank franklin line hav haverhill/reading line low lowell line mid-lake middleborough/lakeville line nee needham line new-roc newburyport/rockport line ply-king plymouth/kingston line lines that share the same track are separated with a +. table 8 - valplanown (valuation plan owner at the time of 1917 valuation) b&a  boston & albany b&m boston & maine chatham rr chatham railroad cv central vermont g&u grafton & upton ht&w hoosac tunnel & wilmington n&w norwich & worcester p&w providence & worcester salem & la salem & lawrence union frei union freight maintenance the central transportation plannig staff will update the datalayer as needed and provide data files to massgis for distribution.  home | about massgis | what's new | massgis data | download free data | order maps & data | online mapping  data viewer | municipal gis | gis education | standards | other gis resources | site contents | search  last updated 4/6/2004eoea disclaimer | privacy policy    
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