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the railroad page of syp with these pages i try to share some of this love with you! last update 20-dec-2001 you like cabooses? xmas exhibition 1999 turku exhibition 1999 layout under construction xmas exhibition 1998 photos from pasila my railroad bookmarks start you need a plug-in for wav-files to get all information from this page stop preliminary photos of christmas exhibition shot on the 4th of december 1999 the following photos are from the christmas exhibition of the model railroad club (pienoisrautatiekerho ry helsinki) the venue was traditionally the staff restaurant in the main railway station building in helsinki, finland. main target pictures are in part s of this section. other photos of the exhibition are in part l of this section. (all photos shot by lorenz) s. lorenz schmuckli's layout pictures picture s1 accidents happen. unfortunately that is also true with the model railroading picture s2 accident from another angle picture s3 sympathies from a young visitor picture s4 second generation of exhibitors assisting lorenz with maneuvering the train movements picture s5 catenery and rails from 'natural' point of view picture s6 a collectible sbb passenger wagon by liliput picture s7 another look at the catenery above an approaching train l. other photos picture l1 chairman of the model railroad club, mr. tapio keränen and "löylymäki" (the layout!) backyard picture l2 old farmhouse with surrounding buildings in the layout picture l3 "s/s löyly" docking to löylymäki pier picture l4 another ship waiting for unloading at löylymäki pier --------------------------------- photos of turku model railroad exhibition shot on the 30th and 31st of october 1999 the following photos have been shot at the model railroad exhibition in turku on the 30th and 31st of october. the main target has been the layout by olof holmborg and lorenz schmuckli - the same layout that is shown under construction in the next section. main target pictures are in part a of this section. other layouts and exhibition tables are shown in part b (other stuff) of this section. a. the main target picture a1 general view of the main target layout. picture a2 track maintenance rolling stock on the tracks adjacent to the depot. picture a3 "inselburg station". name after the layout proprietor, mr. holmborg. picture a4 "schaltpost" now surrounded by a security fence. (note! revised 1-oct-1999) picture a5 holmborg's section of the layout. picture a6 part of schmuckli's section of the layout; turn-around loop and turntable to the lower left corner not seen in the picture. picture a7 "schaltpost seen from new angle: inside out. picture a8 mainline seen from the roof of the depot. picture a9 diesels in the yard. picture a10 trucks and other machines for heavy work by the track. b. other stuff picture b1 the seldom seen "backyard of loylymaki" revealing, what the little trains are made of. tapio keranen, the chairman of "pienoisrautatiekerho" having the situation under control. picture b2 the stand of märklin club of finland, mcof: chairman of the club mr. martti rinne posing with a conducters hat behind new and second hand items for sale. picture b3-1 picture b3-2 b2-1: "vitrine" items provided by mcof b2-2: layout provided by mcof. inside the track circle (top left) there is a removable piece of scenery which makes it possible for any of the members of the club to have his/her piece of scenery as part of the club layout at some time. picture b4 turun kiskoliikennekerho r.y. picture b5 operational genuine steam locomotives built by paul-erik luoto. picture b6 one has to eat sometimes, right! pekka soramo behind his maerklin collection items (for sale) having a lunch brake. assisting eeva next to pekka. picture b7 pasi jakovleff's marklin and fleichmann items for sale. picture b8 trams owned by suomen raitiotieseura (finnish tram society) in the front; turku city tram models built by hannu t. pulkkinen in the background. hannu himself in the picture trimming one of his trams. picture b9 layout made by the model railroad club of riihimäki parish picture b10 kimmo alanko from lahti finland behind his märklin collectible sets and catalogs. some of the sets are for sale or can be swapped. if you are interested, call +35837823406 or write to kimmo alanko, varikonkatu 12 15800 lahti, finland. kimmo can also repair your broken märklin articles to a certain extent. picture b11 part of the collection of a member of haapamäki locomotive museum association. picture b12 layout by topparoikka, an association of railroad enthusiasts from lahti finland. picture b13 home layout of pulkki family. picture b14 north-american diesel locomotives. picture b15 märklin z picture b16 layout by brothers laaksonen. photos of a layout under construction. taken on the 24th of october 1999 the following photos are shots of a modular layout built jointly by olof holmborg and lorenz schmuckli. the modules visible in the pictures are mostly the modules of olof's part of the layout. lorenz'es tracks will curve to the right in the pictures shot from outside the garage towards the inner part of the garage. picture 1 unwired catenary - modules 2 and 3. olof, the owner and sponsor of this part of the layout, hardly visible in the background. picture 2 joint mechanism between modules 4 and 5 picture 3 module 1: the turning point where the main tracks dive to the 'underground" level where trains can return invisibly to the other end of the layout (or vice versa). picture 4 view over the station area on modules 2, 3 and 4. picture 5 curve to lorenz'es part of the layout which is to be located to the right of the picture. picture 6 modules 1 (the turning point), 2 and 3 (part of module 4 in the lower right corner). picture 7 modules 1 (the turning point), 2, 3 and 4 (part of module 5 in the lower right corner). that's me holding the halogen lamp to illuminate the distant modules. joint mechanisms in the right. picture 8 modules 1 (the turning point), 2 and 3 again. picture 9 closer look at signals and "schaltpost" (lower right) on module 2 and 3 (on the right). picture a module 4 in the middle. picture b "underground" reverse track under module 2; depot on top. picture c lorenz, the main designer and constructor of the layout. picture d signals from behind and a lonely lamp above the catenary. picture e module 2 with the depot. picture f module 4 and lorenze'es curve part module 5 in the background. in turku exhibition 30.-31. oct 1999 there will be modules 6 and 7 of lorenz'es home layout in addition to what is seen in this picture. picture g close-up of the joint mechanism in module 5. this is one proposal for standard joint to be applied in joining modules made by different model railroad enthusiasts. undergound reverse track runs through the joint; visible tracks are on top. picture h green grass has grown on module 2 now without depot (compare with picture 9). picture i details of catenary. photos from the christmas exhibition of the model railroad club on 28...29-nov-1998 the following photos are from the christmas exhibition of the model railroad club (pienoisrautatiekerho ry helsinki) the venue was traditionally the staff restaurant in the main railway station building in helsinki, finland. the first section: lorenz'es lay-out lorenz this year the picture of lorenz schmuckli is a little dimm due to the adjustment of the flash and focusing to the lay-out in the front. layout skeleton structures of the unfinished layout can be seen on this picture with lufthansa express in the main line. young admirer young admirer dreaming, perhaps, of a lay-out of his own. someday, who knows? notice the southern pasific 'daylight' locomotive #4449 on the right side in the picture. the loco does not, of course, belong to the swiss surroundings, so lorenz is selling it for 350,-fim (call +358405451524). the second section: photos of other lay-outs litoke prk ry a fellow model railroad club litoke prk ry had a straight diarama on its stand. the buildings are good examples of typical finnish 'railroad architecture'. malmi railway station miniature model of the malmi railway station crowded with locomotives from different eras i'm afraid, that's all for xmas exhibition 1998 :-( back to the top of the page photos i shot on 30-sep-1997 with olympus c-800l digital camera these photos i took just out of curiosity to test the characteristics of olympus. pictures are about 150 kb in size so take your time if you want to load them for a closer look! the first photo is about a dv15 diesel locomotive bringing marchalling yard workers to the barracks for preparing themselves for home. time is about 18.40 in pasila under the bridges of coastal tracks to turku. the second photo barely catches the electric commuter as it escapes to the grid of the bridges shown in the first photo five minutes earlier. behind the commuter there is hartwall arena ice-hockey shrine of helsinki. you could try to catch it from the air with the help of helsinki camera ; click 'areena' and by turning right a few times from there you can see a bird's eye view of the bridges in photos one and two: here is a night time sample saved in the night of the same evening when the photos were taken. how about this third photo? you might suggest, it is an express train ready to rush on? wrong! it is an express, yes, but it is empty and backing from the pasila depot to the main railway station of helsinki some 4 kilometres downhill for the actual departure. you may be convinced, when you observe that there are no platforms for passengers on either side of the train. you might wonder, why there are no red lights in the locomotive. well, locomotives in finland just don't normally push the train in service on main lines so why bother! anyway, the locomotive is of type sr 1. sun is setting in helsinki horizon so the marchalling yard of pasila in the fourth photo is a little dim. all marchalling seems to have ceased for the moment. you don't recognize it, but the wagon in the middle of the photo is a 'lonely russian' waiting for a push. back to the top of the page my railroad bookmarks the validity of these bookmarks has been checked on the 2nd of february 1999 and some on the 27th of march 2001 time tables amtrak schedules vr - valtion rautatiet sbb cff ffs timetable companies amtrak chemin de fer de la mure deutsche bahn ag eurostar internet federal railroad administration märklin.de - hot links renfe sbb cff ffs home page sncf gv pages: index the blue train velkommen til dsb online via rail canada - welcome | bienvenue pictures railroad art by scotty railway photography archive fallen flags (plus other railroad stuff) more link lists junat-lehti - linkit die www railroad links mercurio - the european railway stock lists modellbahn collectors: linkkiluettelo model railroads lenz gmbh digital plus nmra dcc home page märklin, inc. toy trains märklin.de sam the toy train man - lionel & american flyer model railroading museums steamtown national historic site shops bercher & sternlicht / basel eisenbahntreffpunkt schweickhardt gmbh clubs and associations märklin club of finland world wide rail finder toy train operating society - southwestern division pienoisrautatiekerho / the model railroad club. railfan pages bigio's pages with lots of hi-quality photos jürgs eisenbahn ...oder das ultimative inhaltsverzeichnis für jeden geübten surfer lorenz' railways with lots of more or less hi-quality photos siggi's homepagewith lots of interesting stuffs siggi's links to a great number of railroad pages back to the top of the page number of visits since 1999-08-30:
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